Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Go meaty, dinner 21/10

Bought some beef sausages from Carrefour last Sunday (special offer!!). Took out the meat & added thyme & chopped onions. Rolled into balls with mozarella cheese filling. Sauce was made of tomato paste, water, red wine vinegar & sugar. Made pork version (below pix) specially for my mum & bro-in-law who don't take beef.
Marinated with dark soy sauce, honey, pepper & salt. Didn't marinate long enough for the taste to penetrate, 3hrs was definitely not enuff. I did once last week marinated overnight & it tasted v good. Tonight was a little blend.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wii wiiiiiii

Bot wii & wii fit last week. Had been thinking abt getting one since i was in china. why buy now?? cos with wii fit i can have some fun exercising at home, otherwise i'll surely become one fat chef someday, like many friends are trying to warn me of. Hopefully with wii i won't get too lazy... all the best to me :D

Here comes the food....

Lemon Passionfruit curd - I followed the recipe from straits time. Abit too sour but the taste isn't bad.
Tarts made with the lemon curd, mum did the crust. not bad for a start but many commented to sour lol.. will improvise.
1 fine day my mum decided to make sushi so by default I have to help. Brought her to NTUC finest in Bukit Timah Plaza cos CCK NTUC sucks. My mum ended up only cooking the rice & cutting the seaweed, I did the rest. Hmmm... I don't know how to roll properly yet, & the gunkan sizes were all different =( but taste was alright.
My 1st cake - Started with simple fruit cake 1st. I insisted to bake the sponge cake myself instead of mum helping cos I wanted it to be SOLELY my 1ST, lol.... It wasn't as easy as I imagined. I rarely try making pastry, I should start practicing now. Again, not bad for a start, sponge cake was nice & soft, fresh cream almost failed as I overwhipped the 1st round. My classmates liked it :) whereas my bro commented the cake being too um.... 'loose'.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The gift for my hard work

I was voted by my classmates for 'best kitchen staff' & awarded with this recipe book written by our CEO, Chef Megel. I'm thankful to my classmates for their support.

Buffet training

Forbes event

Formula 1

Long time no blog

wooowww... it has been 2 months since I last blogged. Just completed this F&B term 2 weeks ago. Too lazy to edit the photos which is why it took me so long to update :p

Past 2 mths was v busy for school. 1st we had our class tests for F&B, then we had our mock up 1 & mock up 2 for restaurant training (RT), right after was our actual RT with 'guests' from office, chef instuctors who gave us evaluation on our service, restaurant design, etc. After RTs came the end of term written & practical exams. In between all these, we were involved in Forbes event (rich men gala dinner), Formula 1 nite race (i was in the Honda box at the paddock =)) & lastly, buffet training.

RT was a very good training for my creativity, perseverance & of cos service. I'm not a very creative person, but I drained my brain trying to 'create' a nice restaurant. Everybody elses had a theme but I couldn't think of any. Worst or all I fell sick during the actual RT due to late nites designing the menu & over stressed. So I just did a restaurant called Muxe (Muse), meaning source of inspiration. Overall creativity wasn't fantastic but I'm glad that it suits the fine dining feel that I was trying to create. We all played different roles in one another's RT: Restaurant manager (design restaurant theme), servers (as captain), bartenders (create a mocktail), executive chefs & stewards.