Monday, November 9, 2009

Indian Cuisine

Day 5 & 6 were about Indian cuisine. Went to Tekka market/Little India for marketing cum breakfast today. It was a very different experience as it was my 1st time having breakfast there. Much better than having Dosai in the coffeeshops anywhere else. I found myself quite lost when it comes to Indian cuisine cos I have no idea what to cook at all. Chose prawns from the market without knowing what to do, then Chef S showed me how to do in class and wala.....

Prawn masala
Basmati rice w carrot poriyal & chicken masala

Restaurant in Little India

Masala tea


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Beginning of term 4

yah, i didn't update for the last 3 mths. working split shift makes me lazy to upload my pix cos my only time at home is 12midnight to 845am. sighs.....

the past 3 mths was v v busy in RB, lacked of staffs, 1 for 1 lunch buffet, western wedding dinner. F1, Chaine de Rotissier, etc. I'm fortunate to be put in charge of the pasta station due to lack of staff, that i can plan my own buffet items, ordering etc.
it's the beginning of term 4 and we are doing asian herbs & spices & cooking techniques. did laksa from scratch on the 1st day, 4got to take pix :( braised duck and bak kut teh on the 2nd day, duck was good, bak kut teh was a little sweet. i did chicken rendang yday while my grp mates did tumeric rice and sambal tempeh. pounding the herbs from scratch was tiring, and dirty (gotta bleach my jacket to get rid of the spice paste). the blender was right in front of us but we weren't allowed to use it. D**n....

Today, we went to chinatown market for 'excursion'. we were given 10bucks each to cook up something anything for lunch. so we bought jia yu (those use for turtle soup) for braising, pig trotters for braising also but not tender enuff so we leave it for tmr. pork liver, kidney & loin for stir frying, bean sprouts with salted fish, stir fried pandan chicken, wolfberry leaves for soup & kang kong tempura (inspired by zhu chao lai le). incidentally we found out that chinese celery tempura taste better. so sad that i 4got to take pix for today :(

Saturday, August 1, 2009

food created in Nutritions & Garde Manger class

ACP pix I

Chef R who doesn't wanna appear in my blog

opps, Chef R in the pix

food from the past 9 mths

It's been 9 months....

wow, 9 months... I didn't realise that (Thanks to Chef R for reminding). The last post was 1 week before the Advance Culinary Program started and now it's the beginning of the work rotation of term 3. I just had my term 3 exam today and tomorrow I'll be back to MMS. I guess I've alot to update, I've been too lazy to update coz the pix are difficult to add.

well well.... where should I begin? ok, ACP course started Nov '08 & after a month of classroom rotation, we were supposed to be posted to Hotel partners. but due to crisis, not many hotels were hiring, especially trainees. I was arranged to have an interview with CP hotel which was @ Changi airport. I almost fainted when I heard the news. CCK to Changi everyday, might as well kill me. I turned down the interview of cos. I got accepted by MMS as trainee & had since apprenticed in the Italian restaurant (RB) for 5 mths & room service kitchen for 1 mth. Tmr I'm going back to the RB again :( I don't dislike the job there, in fact I learned alot. I just hate the split shift hours. I spent more time in the hotel then home.

ACP was intense but fun. I really like the lectures and practicals. My classmates are fun tho sometimes pain in the S. We started with 14 pple but left with 12 now, 1 withdrawn and 1 deferred. I hope the number wil be the same till we graduate, which is end Oct 09. @ times I've doubts cos of income, time sacrificed & physical but I really want to see myself graduate. Not just graduate but with flying colors. I'll persevere!!!!!