Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dinner 19th June

Diced Beef:
Cooked w butter, seasoned w salt & pepper.
Garlic: sliced and toast or deep fried.
Beer Batter Stuffed Chicken:
Minced prawn seasoned w rosemary, paprika, salt & pepper
Debone chicken wing & stuff with prawn mixture
Beer batter: Beer, plain flour, salt & dried herbs
Cover stuffed wings w batter & deep fry till golden brown

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

En route to school

Took some pictures yesterday for the '1st day of school'. Was contemplating whether to put up the pix since it wasn't it anymore. But then again, the feeling was there, and i dun think i can take pix again on the next 1st day, so I decided to post them. VOILA.....

wide awake at 6am

last look b4 leaving the house. black n white... can't rem when was the last time I wore like dat

Overhead bridge to the bus stop

190 bus stop. I'm glad to be staying in CCK for once.... just for bus 190 cos it's just 35mins to town.

Crossing the road to Park Mall

Taking the lift to the 4th level

Gotta walk thru this carpark (boring..)

Finally the beginning of more interesting route

From here onwards, I can smell some funny odour. I think it's from the trees around but I didn't smell it when I was here in the afternoon.

4 flights of stairs.... where the panting begins....

I was breathing heavily when I reach the top. Age is really catching up...

Nice trees leading to Fort Canning Centre

Um..... FCC :p

School's main office, classes & kitchens on the left & right

kitchens on the right, ground level. Will be sitting around there for lunches in future.

View to the spice garden

Beautiful sky.... it's a nice place for school :)

After all the walking & photo taking, I was still early..... well, I was 1 mth earlier haha...

Monday, June 16, 2008

What a day!!

Today is the 1st day of school, or rather was supposed. I've waited so long for this day but only got to know this morning that the class has been postponed to 14th July. I was mad.... not because of the class being postponed, but because of the poor administrating. The number of students is easily less than 20, how could they forgot to inform me? I was so excited about this 1st day of school thingy that I woke up a few times before the alarm rang at 5:45am, and I woke up wide awake, which is very rare. I reached the school so early that I have amber time to do some exercises in the park. Well I'm not so angry now cos there's nothing I can do abt it. Sigh... I dunno if I will have the same excitment abt the 1st day next month... it won't be the same I guess.

Now I've to worry abt what to do for another month. I've been idling for 1.5 months and I'm getting bored. It's good to have a break but this is too long since I've already had 1 mth break in CZ. Today clocks 2.5 months without a job... I've broken my record, my last record was only 2 weeks. tsk tsk tsk... I'm getting too lazy....