Monday, July 28, 2008

Dinner 28th July

Hmmm, another week has past. School was great last week cos lotsa cooking & cutting, including cutting myself LOL... Today onwards will be fully F&B training & little bit of OJT in kitchen.

Ok, dinner tonite was Sausage patty sandwich with yellow zucchini. I minced the meat of sausage, mixed with sauteed shallots & garlic, dried mixed herbs, egg & flour to mold into patty. This picture is abit colorless.... I dun hv lettuce at home :(

Thursday, July 17, 2008


ok.. today I have time to write, no morning quiz tmr (yippee!)

Alright, let me recap 1st day: Woke up 0545 but not as fresh as last "1st day" haha... 1st day and the 1st half of 2nd day was orientation. I felt nervous as I haven't been to school for a long time. We had a v heart warming welcoming session whereby the CEO Chef M, all the faculty Chefs and main office staffs stand in a line and introduced themselves. After which is the school policies, introduction of each dept etc... a bit boring at the end. Lunch was good. I like the way we have lunch at school. Lunching at the patio in the park, the staffs & chefs will mingle around the students and chat with them. Everyday will be a different duty chef (when they are not teaching) so we can have a taste of the chef's specialties. We have chefs from Indian, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Switzerland, French and of cos S'pore. All nice pple....

2nd day we had a spice garden tour at fort canning park. I never knew S'pore has such a garden. It was fun...then fun was over cos 1st lesson began in the afternoon...Chef M sat beside me with some others during lunch (to mingle), made me so nervous. Nvr had a CEO sitting beside me b4 LOL.....

We have quizzes everyday, today's the 3rd lesson and we already had 4 quizzes. Some graded and some not. Quizzes are not difficult but it has been a long time since I last studied so I'm kinda stress and I wanna do well. Today is the only day I don't have to study for quiz & we were released earlier today. I dun think I'll have such luxury too often especially when practical classes start.

Below is the knives set bought from school, it cost me $535. I've worked 3 weeks temp, earned $746 but paid $535 for knives, $52 for textbook, $171.2 for chef jackets, $21.4 for aprons. I hope there's nothing more to pay, no more temp job to cover :(

All in all, school is fun tho tiring, I'm enjoying it much more than working. Hopefully I can get more pictures to post, esp on the practical.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


School started 3 days ago but I haven't got time to sit down and write abt it. everyday is tiring but fun. will talk abt it later... off i go to study for the quiz tmr.......