Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's been 9 months....

wow, 9 months... I didn't realise that (Thanks to Chef R for reminding). The last post was 1 week before the Advance Culinary Program started and now it's the beginning of the work rotation of term 3. I just had my term 3 exam today and tomorrow I'll be back to MMS. I guess I've alot to update, I've been too lazy to update coz the pix are difficult to add.

well well.... where should I begin? ok, ACP course started Nov '08 & after a month of classroom rotation, we were supposed to be posted to Hotel partners. but due to crisis, not many hotels were hiring, especially trainees. I was arranged to have an interview with CP hotel which was @ Changi airport. I almost fainted when I heard the news. CCK to Changi everyday, might as well kill me. I turned down the interview of cos. I got accepted by MMS as trainee & had since apprenticed in the Italian restaurant (RB) for 5 mths & room service kitchen for 1 mth. Tmr I'm going back to the RB again :( I don't dislike the job there, in fact I learned alot. I just hate the split shift hours. I spent more time in the hotel then home.

ACP was intense but fun. I really like the lectures and practicals. My classmates are fun tho sometimes pain in the S. We started with 14 pple but left with 12 now, 1 withdrawn and 1 deferred. I hope the number wil be the same till we graduate, which is end Oct 09. @ times I've doubts cos of income, time sacrificed & physical but I really want to see myself graduate. Not just graduate but with flying colors. I'll persevere!!!!!

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